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Billy Goat Aerator AE401H

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Product Details

This Billygoat AE401E is full of unique features that operators love. This 19″ aerator has industrys’ softest drive and tine engagement, and a lift and lock feature that allows the tines to be raised by simply lifting up on the handle.  The water tank is positioned directly over the tines for better aeration depth, eliminating the need for bulky side weights.

Product Specification
Engine Honda GX120
Performance 118cc / 4hp
Tines 24
Tine Pattern 4.75" x 7" / 12cm x 18cm
Weight 110kg dry
Coring Tines 5/8" x 3.5" / 1.6cm x 8.9cm
Length 57" / 145cm
Width 29" / 74cm
Height 52.5" / 133cm
Wheels Semi-pneumatic
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